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Check out what our clients have to say about Pablo Fitness!

Davi Millsaps
Lost 40 lbs and Became a Supercross Champion! In 2010 Davi Millsaps was fresh off a top-three finish in the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series and then disaster struck at the nationals. He crashed his dirtbike and sustain multiple injuries including internal injuries that shut down 80% of his kidney. In the 2011 season, Millsaps was still suffering from injuries and it was a struggle to get back into racing. in 2012 he searched for a fresh start…after meeting up with his new trainer, Pablo Toribio, Millsaps lost 40 pounds and became the healthiest he’s ever been. And he started winning races again. Top 10s turned into Top 5s and before long he was a regular on the podium. He placed 2nd overall in 2012!
Ken Davidoff
Prepared to run the NYC Marathon! After a few beers with buddies, Ken pledged to run the New York City Marathon. After absorbing what he had committed himself to do, he sought the help of fitness trainer Pablo Toribio. Running the NYC Marathon in a couple of weeks, Ken will cross all five boroughs of New York City: Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Manhattan, climb five bridges, and finish 26.2 miles after an uphill climb in world-famous Central Park. “I had no intention of doing this alone either,” Ken said. Ken met Pablo while attending one of his Running classes and decided Pablo was the one to help get him over the finish line. “It’s his energy,” Ken said of Pablo, “and his knowledge of fitness and running.” Ken exercised all the time, but for this Ken needed a solid plan. His goal is do do the marathon in 4 hours and 20 minutes at a rate of 10 minute miles. So he dropped over 20 lbs and trained hard. “I knew nothing when I went in and came out leaner, more physically fit and mentally prepared,” he noted. One of the best things Ken said he got out of training is the knowledge about his heart rate. “I know where it should be, and if I keep it there I can keep running and running.” Ken’s training with Pablo included: - Establishing a Heart Rate training zone; - Tips on keeping hydrated and nourished during the race; and - Cardio cross training and strength training to prevent and overcome injury.
Jeff Baumgardner
Climbed Mt Washington on his Bike!
Yes, the same Mt Washington you’ve seen on the bumper sticker…This Car Climbed Mt Washington. On a bike alone is a tremendous feat, but he did it in 1 hour and 16minutes. This is 4 minutes better than his goal, and second in his category.. Phenomenal! To give some perspective, this annual climb, known as The Toughest Hillclimb in the World TM , is 7.6-mile uphill race to the summit of the highest peak in the northeastern United States. Only 600 elite cyclists have the privilege pedaling up the unrelenting grade averaging 12 % and exceeding 23% in some spots, with winds often exceeding 40 mph. Jeff says, “To give you sense of the climb, Strava rates the first mile alone as a Cat 3 climb. You start finding your rhythm but there is no time for breathers, no place to catch your breath. I had been warned that you will start considering putting a foot down at some point during your 3rd mile but luckily there is no place to put your foot down. Under a mile to go and my foggy brain knew that it was time to give it one last shot. I kicked it up to 7 miles an hour and made my way to the top. The cheering crowds helped drown the pain of the 23% slope that capped of the climb. “To help Jeff achieve this tremendous accomplishment, Jeff trained with Pablo and took advantage of the studio’s state of the art V02 machine, which enabled Jeff to - Establish Training zones for Heart Rate, Wattage and Speed - Learn his Aerobic Threshold – Increase endurance and burn fat - Learn his Lactate Threshold – Red-line tempo training to increase speed-endurance and - Learn his VO2 Max – Interval training for peak performance - With these measurements, Jeff was better equipped to train efficiently and meet his ultimate challenge. Great job, Jeff!
Jennifer O’Brien
Lost 25lbs
“About 5 years ago, I was training for my first marathon. I had just given birth to my second child and was looking to get back into shape. I was running on the treadmill at one of the gyms that Pablo taught Spinning and he suggested that I should start incorporating low-impact cardio into my training. Honestly, I’ve never gone back. My goal was to lose weight and simply, just to finish the marathon. I lost 25 pounds and finished in 4:15:00. I was motivated to try and improve my time. Training with Pablo for my second marathon I lost another twenty-five pounds and finished in 3:45:00. When training me, he kept me focused on short spurts: a 45 minute Spin class, a 90 – minute Spin class, sprints during my run, 15 miles, a marathon. I went from just wanting to finish the marathon, to wanting to improve my time and now I’m committed to maintaining a level of fitness where, at any given moment, I can drop everything and run. I’m confident that I can do this, as I train for three different triathlons this summer. Beyond Pablo’s Knowledge of the body and what’s the best regimen to get you into shape, he has the capacity to motivate everyone at their level – regardless of age, size, fitness level – and to take you to your limits and keep you there."
Fugen Isik
A Form of Therapy
“ I had severe back and shoulder problems and couldn’t walk for more than 30 minutes before feeling pain. When I started working out with Pablo, my goal was simply to improve – that’s it. My regimen consisted of Spinning and diet changes and I started to see the difference in only a few weeks. Pablo was really hands – on and worked to keep me focused and positive. He teaches through developing in a holistic manner and takes his clients’ well-being seriously. It’s discipline combined with genuine concern. My long-term goal was to shed my limitations, which included losing weight and ridding myself of the discomfort in my back and shoulder. The pain has significantly improved, I no longer have to be on medication and I’m participating in a sport I enjoy for the first time in my life. Mentally, I now look at exercise as a form of therapy, working to push out all my thoughts, worries, and whatever else is going on inside my head that stands in the way.”
Gil Sharf
Improved My Ride
“ I came to Pablo about four years ago when I was looking to improve my cycling and become a better rider. Originally, I had 10 training sessions. He evaluated my fitness level using the VO2 system and in less than 20 Spin classes, I saw a huge difference in my riding and fitness. Pablo knows the body and works complimentary muscle groups in order to make you stronger. My regimen consisted of a mix of Spinning, core work and calisthenics, flexibility and stretching, stairs and cross training on the mountain bike outside. Pablo has a way of motivating unlike anyone I’ve met or trained with in the past. He is good with people and is aware of your limits, which makes him more effective in pushing you.”
Lilly Ann. Y
Pablo Fitness offers the best Spinning classes in NY. I have been spinning at the various clubs for years and have not come across an instructor that comes close to Pablo. The Spin classes are fun…music pumps you up, all of the bikes have cadence computers to track your heart rate and effort, and nothing beats Pablo’s friendly disposition!
Marilyn Z.
Highly recommend Pablo’s classes and love his new airy studio. A must for anyone wishing to get fit and improve their cycling skills.
Abbi E
Pablo Fitness client Abbi Estrada has already burned off 25 pounds and is still going…taking a combination of Spinning and Power classes Abbi is on her way to burn off even more. Abbi has also decided to help others by riding in the Tour de Cure to help Stop Diabetes. Keep up the great work girl!