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“This may sound obnoxious, but usually in cycling classes I feel like I can spin forever. I think that’s because I have massive quads. Not sure. But this class was 45 minutes and at the end I was all THANK YOU SWEET JESUS….Instructors: Nicky was super cool and I really liked her. She was great about giving form corrections which, quite frankly, doesn’t happen enough in spinning classes. Also, she was pretty hardcore and walked around checking monitors to see if everyone’s RPMs were where they should be…enough proof, you say? Pablo Fitness has success stories on their website.” Read more

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Jaclyn G., Brooklyn, NY

“i’m obsessssssssssssssed with nicky k’s class! great music/great energy! cool ambiance because they can project music videos on the wall (pablo did that once — pretty cool) and they change the color of the lighting on a whim. she teaches frequently and the studio is pretty accessible to midtown east. the studio itself seems to have been doing a living social/lifebooker situation recently so there is an influx of people taking classes. that being said they have online and advanced booking so if you know you have time — book in advance! there are clips for experienced spinners and buckets for less stringent people like me who like to spin in sneakers. i bought a package on lifebooker over thanksgiving that was such a bargain so i’m not sure what their normal rates run but i imagine that they have intro packages. (if you can’t afford soulcycle, this place still does the trick!!)”

Mary L., Manhattan, NY

“This is the BEST spin studio I have been to in NYC. It all has to do with the instructors. Pablo is the BEST. Energetic, encouraging, and great music. Plus his workout leaves you exhausted. I still can’t feel my legs. I also think that Nicky is awesome. Her music is more pop mainstream and that is why it is so much fun! Also, I have to mention Adolph because his music is EXCELLENT! So awesome. Makes the class feel like a party. I can’t wait to go back. Highly recommend!”

Aferdita G., Midtown East, Manhattan, NY.

”I’ve been a member at Pablo Fitness for quite some time now and have taken classes with Pablo, Nicky, and Dolph. I must say they are all amazing! Just when I think I have a favorite, I take a class with one of the others and realize how good they are. They are different in their music and the way they teach their class, but I can’t say enough great things about them. Dolph has amazing music and is so current. Nicky is a fierce woman who really gets you motivated and her classes always leave me exhausted but feeling so good when I leave. Pablo is so energetic and keeps motivating you till you think you have no more to give, then motivates you even more! I love the fact that Pablo and Nicky both have so much passion and it comes through in the way they deal with all the people that walk through the door. The studio in which all the classes take place is up-to-date with bikes, lights, music system, and even video capabilities. Every one is so nice and always willing to help with any questions or issues with bikes and set-up. I find Pablo Fitness to be the one and only gym that I have actually continued my membership and actually go regularly. They make me feel so comfortable and truly help me to work and reach the fitness goals I have set for myself. I actually have done personal training with Pablo before my wedding and lost about 15 pounds and toned up in only 6-7 weeks. I was training 4x a week and Pablo also helped with nutrition (which he still offers advice whenever I have any questions, even though I am no longer doing the personal training). The spin classes here keep me coming back! I have brought a few friends here to try the classes, they bought a pack of ten classes on lifebooker and they have actually joined once their deal was up. I highly recommend the spin classes here!”

Margarityn P., Haskell, NJ

“NYC’s 5 Best Spinning Classes Spinning classes continue to be one of the hottest fitness trends in the country, with new studios and gyms opening all the time. For the uninitiated, spinning classes are group workouts on stationary exercise bikes in which participants go through a series of phases, from warm-ups to more intense levels and back to cool-downs, all set to energetic music and typically led by a dynamic, motivational instructor. These classes are now available all over the city but these are New York’s best.Hours: Mon to Fri – 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Sat and Sun – 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Prices: $30 single class/$140 five classes/$270 10 classes/$510 20 classes Instructor Pablo Toribio keeps his students motivated with upbeat music and his own style of unbridled enthusiasm. In a typical 45-minute spinning class, participants can expect to burn 400 to 700 calories while strengthening their lower bodies. Take the Ride With Pablo course and bring along a heart-rate strap to track your heart rate, cadence and calories burned. Or try the Ride With Pablo PLUS, which includes a 45-minute spinning class and a complete post-ride workout.”

Lauren P., Union City, NJ

“I’ve been going to Pablo’s classes for almost a year. He is incredibly energetic and I love how amazing and sweaty I feel when I leave. BUT that said, no one can get me out of bed on a Saturday morning for a spinning class other than Nicky K! Her classes have been a welcome addition to my Saturdays and I try to go to as many of her classes during the week as I can. She’s a little ball of fire bouncing around the room, singing and dancing. She makes you push harder and remembers you by name which helps motivate you to work even harder. The studio itself is clean and well maintained with plenty of spinning bikes, towels, 2 showers and 2 changing rooms. All of the staff is super friendly and very helpful. I also love going to yoga classes there. It’s a nice balance of spinning and yoga to make your whole body feel good!”

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Louise Thornton Keating

has been my favorite spinning instructor at Reebok for a year now. Excellente! -Lou K.

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“Pablo’s classes are full of energy, he really gets you to push yourself, and even wants you to recommend songs so you can customize your class! he’s personable, fun, and I’ll totally go back!!!” 03/21/2013 “Such a great deal online, Pablo’s spin classes are a great workout. The facility is clean and it was a great experience.” 02/19/2013 “wonderful spin experience. I have been spending for 2 years at different places and this is 1 of the better ones. probably going to come back in 2 days.” 01/23/2013

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